Contemplation of one’s Body:

Atthi imasmim kaye: – In this body there is:

Kesa – Hair of the head

Loma – Hair of the body

Nakha – Nails

Danta – Teeth

Taco – Skin

Mamsam – Flesh

Nharu – Tendon

Atthi – Bones

Atthiminjam – Bone marrow

Vakkam – Spleen

Hadayam – Heart

Yakanam – Liver

Kilomakam – Membranes

Pihakam – Kidneys

Papphasam – Lungs

Antam – Large intestine

Antagunam – Small intestine

Udariyam – Gorge

Karisam – Feces

Pittam – Gall

Semham – Phlegm

Pubbo – Lyphm

Lohitam – Blood

Sedo – Sweat

Medo – Fat

Assu – Tears

Khelo – Saliva

Singanika -Mucus

Lasika – Oil in the joints

Muttam – Urine

Matthake Mattalungam iti – Brain

Contemplation and dedication of loving-kindness

Sabbe satta – all creatures

Sabbe pana – all those beings who breath

Sabbe bhuta – all living beings

Sabbe puggala – all individuals

Sabbe attabhava, pariyapanna – all individuals who have the attributes of khanda or a being

Sabba ithiyo – all females

Sabbe purisa – all males

Sabbe ariya – all noble ones

Sabbe anariya – all oridinary worldlings

Sabbe deva – all celestial beings

Sabbe manusa – all human beings

Sabbe vinipatika – all those belong in the four woeful plane

Avera hotu – escape from all dangers

Abyapajja hotu – free from mental suffering

Anigha hotu – free from physical suffering

Sukhi attanam, pariharantu, sukhi sukhi, sukhi hotu – may they all have the full accomplishment with complete happiness, be strangers to suffering and be well and happy

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