New Year’s Day Celebration at Wat Greensboro

We went to Tum Boun (merit making) at our local temple Wat Greensboro on New Year’s Day. It has been our family tradition to visit the temple on New Year’s Day, and also for many families that were there.

I always feel at peace when visiting the temple, the incense aroma filled the Buddha room.

Many offered offering flowers for the lord Buddha on New Year’s Day.

We performed Bungsakoun ceremony (merit making) for our mom since it’s closed to her death’s anniversary January 7th, it has been 8 years since her passing. I’m glad most of us could make it for the ceremony, my sisters and nephew came down from New York for the week.

Our temple is currently under construction so there are exposed walls and the ceremony was moved to the great room (or living room) of the temple.

The monks were performing Bungsakoun ceremony (merit making) for our mom below, two meals were prepared, one for our mom and one for Pra Kao Thip (or meal) for the lord Buddha.

My oldest sister from New York offering the merit to our mom for this Alms giving.

Lee offering her Alms giving.

The meal was offered to Phramaha Somsak Sambimb and Phramaha Thanom Sonwongsa after the morning Alms giving.

Phramaha Somsak gave our family blessing water for the New Year.

Also tied white strings on wrists for good luck.Thank you for your interest in reading up to this point, I wish you happiness, good health and a prosperous New Year.