Kathin Ceremony 2013 at Wat Greensboro

Our local temple Wat Greensboro held Thot Kathin on Sunday October 27th. It is one of the biggest events at our local temple where Buddhist worshipers offered gifts, foods and yellow ropes to the monks.

In order for our temple to Thot Kathin there has to be a minimal of 5 monks and Wat Greensboro only has a monk and a novice monk. The temple invited monks from nearby Wat to perform the Kathin Ceremony.

One of the guest monks.

P’Odd was one of the photographers at the event.

The black and white image of Morning alms giving does take you back in time. The orange canvas above castes an orange color on people’s faces and my only solution was to convert the photo to black and white.

Food offering to the monks

The temple prepared foods for us this time.

The parade around the temple ground was festive, if you have time do checkout the video above.

I was busy photographing the event, photo below was taken by P’Odd.

Please visit Wat Greensboro’s Facebook to see more photos of Kathin Ceremony 2013.

End of Buddhist Lent Day at Wat Greensboro

We celebrated the End of Buddhist Lent Day on Sunday, October 20th this year. It was the day that marks the end of the three-month rains retreat.

My dad offered and hung money on the money tree.

It was cold early in the morning and Lee bundled up for the service.

The morning Alms giving was Tuk Badt Tayvo. It is an old Thai tradition of Alms giving where the Buddhist worshipers would lineup and the monks come by to collect Alms. The line was led by a Buddha statue, then followed by monks.

Foods were brought in by Buddhist worshipers to offer to monks.

An offering to the monks.

The temple bathroom construction is coming along slowly, hope we’ll be able to use it by next year.

Please visit Wat Greensboro’s Facebook to see more photos of the End of Buddhist Lent Day 2013.