The Buddhist Lent Day at Wat Greensboro

Sunday July 21, 2013 was the Buddhist Lent Day at our local temple Wat Greensboro. It is called Kao Punsa for the locals and it’s the tradition of Buddhist Lent or the annual three-month Rains Retreat known in Laos and Thailand as Punsa, which dated back to the early Buddhism in ancient India, this is the time where monks spent three months of the annual rainy season in permanent dwellings. This is to avoid unnecessary traveling during the period when crops were still new for fear that they might accidentally step on young plants. In the ancient time, the Lord Buddha left earth for 3 months to visit his mother up in heaven, he wanted to show his gratitude by chanting for her during this Lent period. It is also considered inauspicious to get married or move house during the Lent period, and after the end of the Lent period then the calendar is open for weddings.

My alms bowl.

This year we have a brand new orange shade cover, and it’s eye catching from a distance. When I took my first alm’s shot, I’ve noticed right away that people’s faces were orange color. I thought to myself that this can’t be good. I worked to adjust the color for this image below, but it’s still too orange to me.

I tried to adjust the remaining alms giving photos, but it was impossible for me to do so. My only solution was to convert the photos to black and white.

We offered meal to the monk after alms giving.

Dragon fruits

The Buddhist sermon.


Buddhist Lent ceremony,

My dad eating meal with friends.

The bathroom construction is coming along slowly.

I was happy to see the roof gone up, and hoping that we’ll get to use it by Kathin in November of this year.

Wat Lao Buddhavong July 4, 2013

This is our seventh year attending the July 4th celebration at Wat Lao Buddhavong in Catlett Virginia. The celebration started on July 4th, and they had a 3 days celebration. We attended Thursday July 4th, and got there early for the morning Alms giving.

We also visited my mom’s monument, it has been 6.5 years since she passed away. The sadness is still there and I don’t think it will ever go away.

Max went with us this year and this beats staying at the doggy hotel. We used to board him in the past, and he had separation anxiety and didn’t do too well. One great thing about camping is that you can take your dog with you, and most if not all campgrounds are pet friendly.

They didn’t have a good turnout this year, probably less than half of last year’s turnout. They also changed the program and I missed the Lao classical dance.

Geenoy from Laos

Jop and Joy, two sisters from Thailand.

Playlist of videos at Wat Lao Buddhavong July 4, 2013 event.