Blessing Ceremony for Maetou Gaisorn

We missed Maetou Gaisorn at Wat Greensboro during the last few events, and yesterday her family nimon (invited) Phramaha Somsak Sambimb, Bhikkhu Pannadharo (Darrell Kitchen) and two monks from Wat in Morganton and also Wat in Lexington to perform a blessing ceremony for her. We took this opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving the Buddhist way, and the small Buddhist community of Conover, Newton, Morganton and Hickory came together to celebrate and give thanks, we are thankful for our boun and blessing.


One of her grandsons became a novice monk in her honor. This is definitely a proud moment for any parents and grandparents, below is an image of him asking for permission to become a novice monk.

The money tree was hung by the family and friends, and the total received was donated to three Wats or temples that performed the ceremony.

Phramaha Somsak Sambimb performed the ceremony.

Burning long candles that measured the circumference of each family member’s head and elbow to wrist is part of a blessing ceremony.

Pra Kao Tip or meal was prepared for the spirit of passed loved ones.

It’s nice to see Maetou Gaisorn giving alms.

Another Canon fan on the right hand side.

One of the guests tied a white string around Maetou Gaisorn’s wrist for blessing.

Food offering to the monks.

A buffet style for the guests.

A Thai dessert called Bua Loi.

There were plenty of good Lao foods.

One of the monks went around to sprinkle blessing water for good health and fortune.

I loved her outfit and asked if I could photograph her, she hesitated at first but finally agreed. She shaved her head and I would love for her to take her Beanie off, but since it was cold I didn’t have the heart to ask her. She is beautiful in her traditional outfit.

Here is a picture that I took of her inside during the ceremony.

It is always a good idea to ask the homeowner for permission to photograph the event. I asked Por Sing if I could photograph the event for my blog and Wat Greensboro’s Facebook and he said okay. I posted more photos at Wat Greensboro’s Facebook, click here to view more photos.

Kathin Ceremony November 4, 2012 at Wat Greensboro

Click here to watch this video on YouTube

Our local temple Wat Greensboro held Thot Kathin last Sunday. The Kathin Ceremony is held within 29 days after the three-month rains retreat where people have a grand festival of offering gifts, food and yellow ropes to the monks.

It was cold on Sunday and we had a good turnout.

Many Buddhist worshipers brought Thon Phapa or money tree from home.

In order for our temple to Thot Kathin there has to be a minimal of 5 monks and Wat Greensboro only has 2 monks. The temple invited 3 monks from Wat Lao in High Point to perform the Kathin Ceremony. Below is morning alms giving.

Lee and my niece sold jewelry to help raise money for the temple.

We realized that it’s hard to sell jewelry at a temple event, so next year we might add Spring Rolls and Papaya Salad to the menu.

Bo helped and he sold some earrings and bracelet.

Her persimmons were $5 per bag.

The fun part was the parade around the temple ground, if you have time do checkout the video.

Many brought gifts for the monks.

We came back to the temple to offer our gifts to the monk.

One of the monks from Wat Lao in High Point.

Lee and my niece made $54 total and they both donated $27 each to the temple to help with the bathroom fund. The bathroom construction is going well and hopefully it will be completed by next year’s Songkran event in April of 2013.

A Thai doctor and her medical team came by to give the monks and Buddhist worshipers flu shots.

I posted more photos at Wat Greensboro Facebook, 2012 Kathin Ceremony folder.