End of Buddhist Lent Day at Wat Greensboro

The End of Buddhist Lent Day falls on Tuesday October 30th this year. It is the day that marks the end of the three-month rains retreat. Since this falls on a weekday, our local temple held the event on the past Sunday.

It’s cooler in our area, and extremely windy the night before as you can see that most of the leaves fell from the trees.

The morning Alms giving was Tuk Badt Tayvo. It is an old Thai tradition of Alms giving where the Buddhist worshipers would lineup and the monks come by to collect Alms. The line was led by a Buddha statue, then followed by monks.

Foods were brought in by Buddhist worshipers.

And offered to the monks.

I don’t normally take a picture of monk eating, but this has a nice composition of an American monk eating hamburger.

We took a short break while the monk ate, and Lee was selling her jewelry to raise money to help build the bathroom.

She had a small table this time since there weren’t that many people there.

I bought a couple of bags of persimmon from the temple vendor.

There’s not that many food vendor this time, and the next big event is Boun Kathin and that’s next Sunday. I know there will be plenty of food vendors on that day.

There were several vegetable vendors.

Boy lives at the temple, and I’ve noticed that he is a lot older this year.

It’s kind of funny to see him lying there listening to the sermon, I think some of us should take note.

The pouring water ceremony of Goud Nom Pra Maid Ta, and it’s making merit for passed loved ones.

Lee sold $41 of her jewelry and she offered to the temple for the bathroom fund.

Buddhist worshipers sharing meal after the sermon.

This is a neat money tree and it was offered to the temple as Tun Phapa.

My sister likes to pick the persimmon from the tree and we offered $20 as a donation for the persimmons.

I bought 2 persimmon trees from the temple and hope to be able to pick the persimmon from my own backyard in the next few years.

Freshly picked persimmon is the best.

The temple bathroom construction is coming along slowly since it is funded by donation.

It is nice to see the wall and window, and it’s amazing to see what we could build when the community come together.