Kathin Ceremony October 23, 2011 at Wat Greensboro

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At the end of the 3-month rains retreat monks are allowed to move from place to place, and are eligible to receive new robes in an annual presentation ceremony called Thot Kathin.

Our local temple Wat Greensboro held Thot Kathin last Sunday. It was a beautiful Autumn day and we had a good turnout.

Besides new robes, we are also allowed to make financial contributions, building materials and other items are also presented to monks on this special occasion. Thon Kathin or the money trees that the Buddhist worshippers joined in and hung their monies to be donated to the temple as part of the Kathin offering.

Kong Boun was also presented to the monks.

Morning Alms giving.

The tradition gets passed down from generation to generation.

The foods offering to the monks.

Food offering to passed loved one.

The parade for Hare Kathin Samakee where the Buddhist worshipers brought gifts, food, and yellow ropes to the monks.

As you can see that it’s very festive if you watched the video.

The presentation of Kathin.

I always looked forward to shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables.

There was a live band.