Phapa Presentation at Wat Greensboro

Today was Phapa Presentation at our local temple Wat Greensboro. It is the day of presentation of the Forest Robe to the monks and also giving donation to support the temple. Our Wat is in the process of expanding and the first project is to build the bathrooms for members and visitors. The next project will be the kitchen and new worship hall.

We had a good turnout and it’s so nice to see the community coming together.

I think our hearts are in the right place and with today’s donation the temple will start building the bathroom as early as next week. Maetou Sorn was the host for Ton Phapa samakee (community money tree), and her money tree raised over $1,000. Many families brought in their own money trees and when we left they were still counting the last money tree. Some donations are in Thai Baht, and came all the way from Thailand.

Thon Phapa (money tree) started out with empty branches, and people help hung their donations on the tree. In this case money does grow on trees.

Long line for morning Alms giving.

My dad helped sorting out items from the Alms bowls.

The temple hung banners that tell the story of Buddhism.

Offering flowers for the Big Buddha Mantle.

Phramaha Somsak Sambimb is the Abbot for Wat Greensboro , he is known for his great sermons.

We brought foods from home for meal offering to the monks.

We had about 30 minutes break while the monks eat their meal. There are many vendors selling foods, fruits, vegetables and souvenir items.

I didn’t do a video this time and only photos.

These are from the temple fruit trees. They are not ready to harvest but that didn’t stop people from picking and tasting.

These is Ton Kathun in Lao, Putsar in Thai, and Chinese dates or jujube in English.

There was a local live band playing, and luckily the sun came out in the afternoon.

People shared meal after the monks finished eating. It is considered lucky to eat the same meal as the monks.

The presentation of Thon Phapa or the money trees was in the afternoon. I’m so happy to see such gathering and the community coming together to help build the temple.