Pee Mai at Wat Greensboro North Carolina 2011

It must be the sunshine after the storm, the weather was exceptionally nice and we had a good turnout. Today we celebrated a Cambodian, Lao, and Thai New Year.

I think many people have a misconception when they pray to the lord Buddha. I overheard one lady telling her daughter that when she pours the water over the Buddha images to ask for what ever she wishes and wants for her future. Buddha is not a god of giving, but a teacher and we follow his teaching. What you wish and want, only you could make it happen and it makes more sense to ask for strength and guidance so you could achieve your goal in life. We pour water over Buddha images for blessing and cleansing the rust from our soul.

My dad brought his own blessing water.

Jaydee Cide or sand stupas.

Paying homage to the lord Buddha.

Morning Almsgiving, the tradition of offering food to the monks.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is Lao, Thai or Cambodian and when they stand in line to give Almes, what they offer is a giveaway. A Lao person will most likely offer rice, fruits, sweet treats, and money.

I notice that a Cambodian often offer rice and money.

Food offering to the monks.

Wat Greensboro is in the process of expanding, many people offer money to help build the bathrooms, kitchen, and Sala Houng Tum (worship hall).

This is a perfect place to learn about Buddhism.


Lee found a friend, he was dressed in a Thai outfit.