New Year 2011 at Wat Greensboro

We visited our local temple Wat Greensboro on New Year’s Day and took the opportunity to Tum Boun (merit making) for my mom as well, it has been 4 years since her passing.

Ajarn Somsak burned the names of the deceased that we offered the merit to as a way of communication to the spiritual world.

Many Buddhist worshipers also joined in the merit making for their passed loved ones.

Almsgiving on January 1st is a tradition that has passed down for generations amongst the Buddhist community and a tradition for our local temple Wat Greensboro of North Carolina.

It’s a custom amongst some young men in Thailand and Laos to become a young novice monk before they get married. It is also a marking as a transition from youth to adulthood, and some became a novice monk at a young age and decided to walk the path of the Lord Buddha like Ajarn Somsak and remained as a Buddhist monk till this day. We are very fortunate to have him as our spiritual leader.

Wat Greensboro ordained a young novice monk yesterday. It’s a big decision since to become a Buddhist monk one has to make a complete break with all normal life, to leave family and friends behind, and to follow strict rules and observe 10 basic vows of the fundamental precepts that all Buddhists should follow. A permission to be ordained must be granted from one’s parents and superior, and in his case both his parents gave a consent.

Accepting of the ropes.

Ajarn Darrell will become his spiritual teacher.