Kathin Ceremony at Wat Greensboro

After the three-month rains retreat most Buddhist temple held a Kathin Ceremony also known as Thot Kathin where people have a grand festival of offering of gifts, food and yellow ropes to the monks. It was sad to hear that some temple in Cambodia didn’t have a Kathin ceremony due to the readiness of the people. Kathin Ceremony is a big event and held once a year.

We had a good turnout this year, but not as many as the previous years.

There was a Thon Kathin and several Thon Phapa, the money trees that the Buddhist worshippers joined in and hung their monies to be donated to the temple as part of the Kathin offering.

There were 9 monk’s bowls at Almsgiving,.

We only had 2 monks that Kao Punsa, and stayed at the temple during the three-month rains retreat but needed at least 5 monks to have a Kathin Ceremony. Like most Buddhist Wat here in the US, our temple invited monks from nearby temples and below was one of the monks that were invited for the Kathin Ceremony.

The parade for Hare Kathin Samakee where the Buddhist worshipers brought gifts, food, and yellow ropes to the monks.

We paraded around the temple ground.

My dad offered a yellow rope for the monk.

The ceremony is very festive and this might be an announcement that more festive ceremony is to come, as it is now considered auspicious to have weddings and house warming.

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