Pee Mai at Wat Greensboro North Carolina 2010

Lao New Year was on April 14-16 and since it was during the work week, the celebration at our local temple was on Sunday April 18, 2010. We had a good turnout this year and the weather was exceptionally nice.

We pour water over Buddha images for blessing and cleansing the rust from our soul.

Paying homage to the lord Buddha, a great time to bring the whole family for blessing.

Lee did her part also.

Jaydee Cide or sand stupas, this year is not as colorful as last year, no flags like the previous years.

Morning Almsgiving, the tradition of offering food to the monks.

Make a wish and donate good merits to your deceased loved ones, Sa Tuh.

Nang Sonkhaan this year is like no others. It’s very original and the ladies are adorable.

We had a mixed groups of people, many visitors came to celebrate Songkran with us this year.

Some younger kids played with water, and the older ones played with shaving cream.

They had plants for sell, the one that caught my attention was the one with fruits hanging.

Came to find out it was Maak Kork, great ingredient for Tum Maak Houng or Spicy Papaya salad.

We had plenty of food.

And live band, the event ended at 7 in the evening. This year was very festive, more so than last year.