Kathin Ceremony at Wat Greensboro

Yesterday we had Thot Kathin or Kathin Ceremony at our local temple, Wat Greensboro of North Carolina.

Dork Champee, I’ve not seen one in a long time. The aroma is incredible and it’s one of the offering flowers.

In most Southeast Asia countries, where Buddhist monks live in one place for 3 months known as Punsa or Rain Retreat, and after the three months of Retreat observance, people have a very grand festival of offering food to the monks in various Wat (Temples), each Wat could only Thot Kathin once a year. At this same time, they prepare special yellow robes that are offered to the Sangha .

This special yellow robe offering is called the Kathin Offering Ceremony. It can be done only during the period from the end of the Rain Retreat to the first day of the Waning Moon of the 12th Lunar Month, which means only within 29 days after Ork Punsa. There must be at least 5 monks for a Wat to Thot Kathin, and in the United States, it’s hard to have that many living in one Wat, but we have 6 monks at our Wat for the Kathin Ceremony. This year we have a Kathin Samakee, which means that it’s being hosted by many and not just one person, we had the Khmer, the Lao, and the Thais and raised over $10,000.

We’ve 2 American monks at our temple.

Food offering to the monks.

The money tree in this ceremony is called Thon Kathin, and as I’ve mentioned before that we could only do it once a year, but if you see the money tree in other occasions, it’s called Thon Phapa and can be done several times a year.

This is a very festive event, and we paraded around the temple ground carrying gifts to the monks.

Wat Greensboro have had some air time at NatSat TV and these ladies thought that I was from there, they were posting for pictures, but sorry ladies that I’m not with the TV, and only a blogger.

Gifts, and yellow robes for the monks.

This is the place that housed the urns, and we paraded around it 3 times.

Then we headed back to Wat.

They tossed monies up in the air, I think it’s for good luck and many raced to get it.

And my dad heading back to Wat bringing yellow robe as gift.

Pi Rooney selling Guoy Jub (noodle dish) for the temple.

One of my favorite desserts, Lod Chong Nam Ka Ti.

I bought several home.

Mae Ka Som Tum Annie wants her friends in California to see her, I hope they can find her here.

This one is Tum Mak Houng (spicy papaya salad) with padaek, very bold and spicy, delicious.