The Greatest Secrete In The World

If everyone had to pay a large amount of money to learn Lord Buddha’s Pathway to happiness, t is very likely that very many persons would pay ever so gladly, in order to learn how to overcome ignorance and sorrow, and find the right road to Wisdom, Peace and Happiness. But there is no charge at all for teaching this plan for thoughtful living and as a result, many foolish individuals think it of little value just because it is free. Thus, it is that the Lord Buddha’s Dharma remains a “secret” insofar as most people are concerned. Such individuals are their own enemies, because they are “trusting to luck” for happiness and peace of mind and heart.

Quite often, we see booklets on Buddhism printed for free distribution. Very many of these booklets are never read, just because they are free. Yet these little pamphlets and booklets contain the Master Plan of Life and if the teachings outlined in them were carefully studied and followed, the readers would reap enormous benefits. In this age in which we live, we so often hear people say, “What am I going to get out of this?” Usually they refer to material benefits, such as money, position, health and so on. The answer to give to a person who wants to know what he can get from following Lord Buddha’s teachings is, “You will have better health in both your mind and body, as a result of sensible living. You will even be more successful in business because of better thinking. You will gain peace of mind and calmness of heart, what more could any sane person wish?”

Remember that this “greatest secret in the world” remains a “secret” only because so many people are too thoughtless to gain for themselves “the treasure that is greater than all other treasures.” They rob themselves. Those that read are making the greatest of all studies: How to live well and happily.

  • This is based on Buddhist Sunday School Lessons, by the Venerable Sumangalo